ABOUT About the Shotengai

Nostalgic Shotengai

Shiomachi Shotengai - Part of the Shimanami-Kaido’s Onomichi City. Situated overlooking the gateway to Ikuchi Island - the Setoda Port. An unforgettable place, surrounded by nature and rich with culture. Nostalgic memories will keep you coming back.

With a rich history stemming from important salt pans and as a prosperous regional transportation hub, Setoda has grown to become synonymous with Ikujima Island. The stately Kosanji Temple also draws attention, often referred to the “Western Nikko”. From Onomichi to Imabari, Shikoku, Ikuchijima is located in the center of the six islands on the Setouchi Shimanami Kaido.

Beginning from the Setoda Port ferry terminal, Ikuchi Islands busiest streetscape - the Shiomachi Shotengai exudes nostalgia with its quaint buildings and traditional shops. Try for example a croquette at the well loved stand to feel the local atmosphere. Setoda’s famous octopus and conger eel can be enjoyed at restaurants in the Shotengai too.

Island of Lemons - Setoda

Fully enjoy Setoda’s famous lemons and other citrus fruits by visiting one of its many shops specialising in local citrus-centric sweets and speciality dishes. The friendly and passionate staff are sure to make your visits as memorable as the delectable treats on offer.

An Island Immersed in Art

Ikuo Hirayama, born in Setoda, is the most celebrated contemporary artist working in the genre of Nihon-ga, or traditional Japanese painting. A variety of his work are displayed at the Hirayama Ikuo Museum of Art including his childhood paintings, sketches and late year works.
For art and culture lovers, Ikuchi Island is dotted with 17 artworks set up by the world's smallest art project - the “Setoda Biennale”. Held every two years since 1989, the art project is based on the concept that “the whole of Ikuchi Island is an Art Gallery”, with all the works effortlessly blending into the landscape of the island in playful and creative ways.

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